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February 11, 2024

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Call Bomber Apk

In these times, when everyone is busy in their own life and running in a race or competition, life has become very dry in today’s time. A few things can bring some wit and fun into our lives. They are memes that we find on social media and share with our friends and family. Doing pranks is also one of the famous and best ways to have fun with your friends and family, especially with your friends.

Pranks are of different types. They are done in many ways. You can prank them palpably(physically), or you can through your mobile or virtual forms and prank call is the most widely used tool to prank people. But as technology has emerged a lot, prank-calling someone can be easily detected, and people somehow find the number and identity, so people are always in search of some way through which they can not be caught and have fun by prank-calling others. 

We have Call Bomber Apk for you, all the fun and prank-loving people. 

1000 Call Bomber Apk

Call Bomber is an entertaining, amusing, and Application that allows you to prank call your friends and family, call them as many times as possible, give them unlimited missed calls, and call and send SMS unlimited times. This app is also called 1000 Call Bomber. The fun fact is that prank calls through Call Bomber Apk are just like real calls. The person you are prank-calling can never find if this is a Fake or prank call because it’s like an actual real call.

The application does not only offer prank calls but also prank SMS, so the app is both Call + Sms. You can also prank anybody through WhatsApp by using the Call Bomber whatsapp. You can use Call Bomber Apk for different purposes, such as for your business, sales, etc. Also, if someone is not attending your call from your original number, You can call through Call Bomber Apk Turbo for fast calling by using a different phone number.


Features of Call Bomber Apk

Let’s explore more about this application and its incredible attributes below.

Unlimited Calls & SMS

Call Bomber is an application through which you can prank call your friends and family through different numbers and as many times as you can, which means unlimited calls, not only calls but also sends unlimited bomber messages to any number. There is no restriction for numbers. So you can send both prank calls and SMS.

Variety of Numbers

This Application has a variety of numbers, both local and international, so you can prank call through different numbers, and people won’t be able to guess or doubt.

Number Protection

Call Bomber Apk does not only offer prank calling but also offers number protection. You can enter your number in the protection list. This feature will then protect your number from any prank call or SMS. So now you can prank call everyone or send prank messages or SMS, but nobody can do that with you.

to use

 This application does not require a single penny to prank call or send 1000+ S.M.s to anyone at a single time. Fun, enjoyment & entertainment that is is a blessing in these times, where everything is about money.

Lightweight application

Call is a small size application that does not occupy large space in your mobile phone and does not burden your phone. Also, this application does not require many MB’s or GB’s, so you can save both the storage of the device and the internet of the device.

Safety and Privacy

Call Bomber Apk is a safe application to use, as the policy of the application does not include access to the files. It does not consist of any Virus, Bug or malware that can harm your device, and it also offers a number protection feature, which protects your number, so it is completely safe to use.


You can set up your reminders of whom to call, when to call, any special dates, setting up time for calls, and various ringtones, so you can choose different for individual groups or people.

Easy User Interface

The application is designed in a very simple way that allows users to easily understand how to use the application and navigate smoothly through the app.

No Ads

The application is of ads to provide customers with an experience to remember, a smooth, buffer-less experience with no distractions.

Multiple Calls

 Through this application, you can send multiple calls at once.

Customer Care

The application has 24/7 Customer care so that users may not face any problems while using the app, and to help them if they encounter any problems.

Pros and Cons


  • 100+ bombers
  • Prank on Friends
  • Use Multiple Language
  • Customize your phone calls
  • Unlimited SMS and Calls


  • No Cons


With emerging global technology, people have almost found solutions for everything, just like Call Bomber Apk, which serves as an entertainment and fun application but also serves other functions like sales, business, etc. This application is an incredible option to choose as this software does not make any call or SMS feel fake and provides users with countless features.

All these features are so easy to use and help a lot while using. Basically, they cater to all the needs of users, like number protection, unlimited calls and SMS, 1000+ SMS at a time, a variety of numbers, and a Turbo version, which provides fast speed. It is a simple and easy processing mode with no difficult methods and designs. Also, the application is small in size, uses very little internet and does not harm your Android or iOS Devices. Call Bomber Apk is absolutely safe to use as it does not intrude on your mobile phones. So, to have prank calls and SMS with a bit of fun and chill, get Call Bomber Apk.


Yes, through Call Bomber Apk, you can use different numbers to call and SMS anyone and hide your original number.

Yes, this application is safe to use and does not harm your device.

 No, it is not available on the Play Store, as it does not adhere to the policies of the Play Store and has some legal issues and contradictions.

You have to open the website. There, you will find a tab where you can enter the number you want to call and dial the number by clicking on the dial button.

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