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February 11, 2024

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CarX Street APK

Here is the version of the best thrilled racing game CarX Street APK. The premium version of the CarX Street APK provides some premium features like unlimited money to enhance gameplay for racing lovers. In CarX Street APK, you can find unlimited premium features for without paying or surviving for them. So, instead of struggling with the limited resources, just install the game and hit the finish line like a champion of Car Racing. The customized supercars drifting on the Race track in the dynamic weather with vivid graphics create a stunning environment for racing enthusiasts. So, gear up to explore the Fast Lane racing game.

  • All Cars Unlocked
  • Vehicle Tunning
  • Multiple Fuel Stations
  • Unlimited Money/Gold
  • Unlocked All Maps
  • Boost with Unlimited Nitro
  • Unlimited Customization
  • 3D Graphics
  • Ads
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CarX Street APK is a thrilling car racing game with 3D visuals and a stunning environment. It is the premium version of the original game, where you can enjoy different unlocked cars, maps, and unlimited customization. This game offers you with unlimited resources to customize your gameplay. The most important fact of this game is that you have all these features for . All these attributes make this game ideal for legendary racers.

This game delivers the user with unlimited money which you can put to use to buy some extra features of the game. Unlike the original game, you have the choice to select and purchase the car of your choice with the unlimited money provided in the version of the game. This game supplies complete access to its users to select different locations and tracks for the race. The drifting king and tire slickers have the choice to select the map. 

In the original version of this game, all the cars are locked and you will have to win many games and earn money to buy new vehicles. The best alternative to this game is Horizon Driving Simulator APK.

About CarX Street Racing

Racing games are the most popular and most played games in the gaming category. There are many genres in the racing category, including arcade, simulation, open-world, street, off-road, etc. Different people have their taste for playing racing games, but CarX Street technology provides separate games for every genre. This game mostly focuses on street racing in an urban environment. You don’t need to worry if you prefer off-roading or simulation racing over street racing games because CarX Technology offers multiple racing games, and you may choose based on your personal preference.

Why CarX Street apk?

CarX Street APK has multiple modes, including Police Chase, regular race, and Racing Competition. The game serves as a perfect racing environment for car racing lovers. You can choose the mode of your choice and start playing in different weather conditions. Motorsports fan can hit their top speed on mountains and in tunnels with their favourite sportscar. The dynamic weather in the game makes every drive so relaxing and peaceful. On the one side, the CarX Street APK provides real experience and physics in the game, and on the other hand, it is unlocked. You will have unlimited money in this game to buy cars and unlock maps. You can also customize your car by modifying your car color, body, rim, bumpers, glasses, side mirrors, and exhaust sound. Not only this, you can also upgrade and tune your car for using unlimited money in the game.

Carx street apk racing

How to Play the Game?

Every racing zealot has their own habit of driving a racing car. According to our experience, most people like to drift during racing for tactical advantages and showmanship. So you have to choose everything according to your reference.

Select A Car:

In the game menu, you have a tab for selecting a car for a race. You will have different cars in 1 class, 2 class, 3 class, and the premium class. You can buy or unlock any car you want.

Customize Car:

Go to the customization bar to customize the car color or body or anything you want before racing. You can also customize various parts of the car, like tires, rims, headlights, roof, etc. The game not only allows you to customize colors but also you can change the shape of any part of your car.

Upgrade Your Car: 

You have the option available in the game to upgrade your car before racing. Upgrading your car may lead to enhance your car performance. There are a lot of powerful engines available that can boost your car’s acceleration. If you want more control over your car’s braking system, consider upgrading it.

Select a Map: 

Also, there are different tracks available with different driving conditions and racing experience. You can select your preferred map from the tracks.

So let’s Gear up for the tight turns and thrilling overtakes to win the battle.


FeaturesCarX Street APKCarX Street APK
Tuning and UpgradingPaid
Fuel StationsLimitedMultiple
XP RewardLowHigh


Vehicle Upgrading and Tunning:

By providing the option to upgrade and tune your car, this game immerses you in the real feelings of racing. For continuous racing, upgradation and turning is the most important fact that can directly impact your driving experience and car performance. You can tune your engine and different parts of the car to get extra acceleration, power, and speed. Also, you can change tires to have extra grip on the road.

Car Garage:

As the game has over 50+ cars of different specifications and performance, you can make your own collection of cars. If you are a racing fanatic, you obviously like car collections since each skilled racer selects their car based on the track.

Level up with XP:

The game provides a high XP reward for participating in races and completing challenges. This will contribute to your overall progression and reflect your driving skills and experience. You can also use XP as a currency to unlock features in the game.

Dynamic and night cycle

With this feature, players can experience day and night environments. In the night cycle, players can see new lights and fully enjoy the Impressive views in different lighting atmospheres.

Multiple game modes:

The game offers multiple modes including chase mode and driving mode. Both modes have their utility and fun. If you want to flee from the police, casing your car, then select the chase mode. And in driving mode, you can smoothly drive through the road in the open world of the game. In this mode, no one is going to bother you in exploring the Turbo Tracks and mystery world of the game.

Ads Experience:

Obviously, no one wants to be irritated by watching ads during playtime. So, With the other unlimited pros, you will also get an interruption- racing experience in CarX Street APK.

What’s new in v1.2.2?

  • Increase in vehicle collection.
  • Increase in car garage.
  • Increase in vehicle tunning.
  • More vehicle Customization.
Carx Street APK Unlimited Money


All Cars Unlocked

There are different cars available in different categories, including FWD, AWD, FWD, and 4WD. Also, the game has 4 types of cars, including 1 class, 2 class, 3 class, and premium class. The cars in every category have their own specifications. Also, the maximum speed and power of every car varies with the category. The better you will have the car, the more you will have a chance to win the track race. Many auto racing fans prefer using sports cars from the premium category. The game has listed over 50 Cars. You can choose from a variety of options based on your interests.

Multiple Fuel Stations

You will get multiple fuel stations during racing in the version of the CarX street. You don’t have to worry about refilling during the race.

Unlimited Money

The most important beauty of this game is unlimited money. Like in CarX Street, you will have to win games and earn money to unlock your favorite car and tracks. But CarX Street APK provides you unlimited money without any survival to avoid the challenge of winning low levels. Utilizing the money, you can buy premium speedsters, unlock tracks, and do customization and upgradation.

Unlimited Coins and Gold

Some premium cars need coins and gold to unlock. The CarX Street APK provides the user with unlimited coins and gold to unlock some premium features.

Extra Customization Options

You will be pleased to read that this game provides a creative feature of vehicle customization, which makes the game more realistic. Customizing paint, body, tires, headlights, rims, glasses, side mirrors, and interior of the car is no more challenging. The game allows for unlimited customization, but keep in mind that spending unlimited money is required to achieve it.

Unlocked All Tracks

You will get all tracks unlocked in this mode version of the CarX Street game. You don’t need to play the first tracks to access the others. There are multiple tracks available for drifting and racing with different attributes.

Unlimited Nitro

Nitro is the most important feature that Keeps you the winner of multiple games by boosting the car. In this game, you will get unlimited boosting to win even in the last seconds by fast and furious overtaking.

Carx Street APK Gameplay

Pros and Cons


  • buying with Unlimited Money
  • More tracks Available
  • Premium Customizations
  • Tuning and Upgrading
  • Extra Cars Collection
  • Endless Nitro
  • Ads


  • Large-size application (1.2 GB)
  • The app is available only for Android versions 9 and above.
  • Not available for iOS devices.


CarX Steet is the best-ever racing game because of its realistic gameplay and 3D graphics. With these amazing features, you are also getting unlimited money, customization, and all cars unlocked in the CarX Street APK. Having these mode features in such a stunning car racing game is a fantasy for racing lovers. Having a captivating garage full of thunder cars is also a big dream for racers. In this game, you can collect different fast and luxury cars to build a tremendous garage. Moving toward the tracks, you will have drifting tracks that will inject real feelings into your gameplay. 

Sound and 3D graphics are one step closer to achieving realistic gameplay. There are multiple soundtracks available for cars, you can choose a roaring sound for your drifting car to have more suspense. I have been playing the Racing game and this was my experience that I have shared with you. This is my dream game. You can also play Horizon Driving Simulator APK.


This game can only be accessed on Android devices with version 9 or higher. If you are unable to install the APK, it may be due to using an iOS device or an outdated Android version (below 9).

Yes, the game provides unlimited money, coins, and XP. You can unlock your favorite car with any of these.

Yes, you do not require any extra files to play the Carx Street APK.

Yes, you can customize every part of your car. There are multiple shapes and colors available in the customization bar.

No, the version of this game is only available for Android devices. You can get and install a simple APK.

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