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November 28, 2023

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If you are an Android or iOS user and want to update the notification setting with various lights, then Nifrastips is the best-recommended application for you. I hope you are searching for the Nifrastips app to do customization to gift a new look to your Android device. Here, you will have unlimited customization and tricks to dress up your Android phone. Just think for any customization and nifrastips will provide you the access to make it possible in a few clicks. This application helps to customize the notification setting, and whenever you receive any notification, the light will also blow up. Here is not the end. It also provides the feature to change the light color for notification, during listening to music, or during charging. It has massive collections of colors, wallpapers, styles, and effects.

Nifrastips in home apps

What is Nifrastips in?

Nifrastips app provides a light notification in an Android and iOS mobile device application. It was developed by the well-reputed company of the world, “BIG DREAM.” It lightens your phone when you receive any notifications like calls, SMS, or other app notifications. With this single app, you can change the wallpapers of your home screen profile, lock screen, call, headphones, music, and much more. 

Every Android user knows that smartphones lack some features. After analyzing the loopholes in the system, the developers have made some apps to meet the needs of the hours. Like others, they have developed and introduced an app to customize the light inside the mobile phones when you receive notifications. 

Best Wallpapers Collection in Nifrastips.In

You can download as much wallpaper as you can for free through this application in HD quality. It also consists of the wallpapers of every event like summer, winter, autumn, and spring, or international events like Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Friendship Day, etc. Moreover, Nifrastips has wallpapers for different genres like action, horror, love, romance, comedy, and much more. So, get rid of the dullness of your phone due to old wallpapers and charm your mobile screen with the latest one. One of the most popular wallpapers is charging apps or charging animation download wallpaper. When you plug in your phone with charging, it shows animation on the screen.

Nifrastips WhatsCrop

Nifrastips in providing you the access to show cast your pro customization to other friends and fellows on WhatsApp with WhatsCrop. So, with this feature, you can set any image to your whatsapp profile without cropping. Many times, you don’t want to crop the image, and that’s the big issue to set an image as a profile without cropping. However, this app provides an amazing solution for you. Download the application and do it in a single click. It also offers more customization in the profile picture of WhatsApp, including square blur, background blur, square fit, and colorless background.

Ultra Volume Control Styles




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Ultra Volume Control Styles

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Ultra Volume Control Styles



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Theme Icon Changer

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Customize Phone

Customize Phone



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App Features

FeaturesNifrastips in
Notification Light
Free Wallpapers
Reminder Notifications Style
Home Screen Design
Setting Customization
Nifrastips in volume bar

Features of Nifrastips in

The new features in the latest version not only change the notification’s color but also include many other functionalities. Let’s outline each feature in detail.

Notification Light app is known for its primary feature, which is the Notification light. With the advancement of technology and excessive use of mobile phones, our daily work is mainly packed into mobile phones. But at the same time, mobile phones do not have all the features that we need to have. Similarly, the notification light is a particular type of hurdle. However, developers put their effort into overcoming this issue by introducing the Nifrastips app. Just activate the LED light notification and get real-time insight into every incoming notification on your Android phone without any kind of delay.

Free Wallpapers

Notification light is not the only feature this app provides. It also consists of thousands of free wallpapers for the Android screen for different purposes.

Different Styles, Colors, and Effects

A variety of styles, colors, and different effects increase the beauty of the Nifrastips. in app. Other traditional notification light applications only turn on the phone light whenever you receive any notification, but this app has something special and unique feature for you. Through this app, you can customize the light color, style and change the effects of the light. You can also mix the color to make a gradient for light.

Customize Reminder Notifications

The Nifrastips .in provides complete assistance while customizing your work day. You can set the alarm or reminder through this app and customize the notification light according to Day or night time. You can also use the DND mode to avoid any notifications. In short, Nifrastips is an app that is all about notifications and customization.


Nifrastips works like a multitasking application. It handles the notification light, reminder and alarm notifications, thousands of HD wallpapers, and plenty of colors and styles, and it also provides different games on the app. So, this app is a fine example of a multitasking application.

Easy To Use

The nifrastips app is pretty easy to use. There is no technical or previous experience required for it. Just download from the given “Download” button and install it on your Android phone. Open the app and play with the settings to ensure the best-suited customization of light, like choosing your favorite light color or setting up the reminder or alarm notification. 

Free To Install & Use

Are you thinking about paying money for this after reading its premium features? No, you don’t need to. nifrastips app is ultimately cost-effective and does not charge for any of the above features. Just install and enjoy and transform your dull notification life into a colorful life.

Safe To Use

Are you worrying about damaging your other settings when you customize your notification? Don’t panic. It does not give any jerk to your phone. It only customizes the notification light and setting. The other entire phone setting remains the same. Whenever you uninstall or delete the app, all your notification settings will go to reverse to your previous original setting.

Nifrastips in

Pros and Cons


  • Change the Wallpaper
  • Multitasking Application
  • Use Multiple Language
  • Multiple Theme
  • Customize your Notification
  • LED Light Notification
  • WhatsCrop Feature


  • No Cons


Yes! It is 100% safe and secure to use on your Android and iOS mobile.

Yes! It runs smoothly on both low and high-end devices.

The nifrastips in requires only basic access permission on your mobile. 


We have completely reviewed the nifrastips in apk and described all the features that it consists of. It is compatible with Android, iOS, and PC. There is no specific system requirement required to run this amazing application. Enjoy the colorful user experience with this light notification application. Download the latest and trusted version from the given “Download” button. Never forget to share your thoughts after installing and using this application in the comment section. We are waiting for your hearing. 

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