Instagram Reached 1 Billion Monthly Users, Up From 800 Million In September, A Remarkable Journey

Instagram, a widely used social media application, has definitely taken over today’s world. Instagram is like a canvas but a digital one, where you can paint your memories and life with pictures and videos. It’s a realm where we use pixels instead of paint. The vibrant layers of photos and videos are a door to a beautiful world of human connections, experiences, and moments. Trends take birth, dreams are shared with the world, and there are no boundaries in sharing; share whatever you want to through this visual odyssey, the mosaic of Instagram.

The fun fact about this application is that it covers a wide range of categories of users, from kids to old age. They all will find the things of their interest in the application. Instagram is not only for entertainment purposes but it can also be used for business purposes. The Growth of Instagram has been visionary throughout the past times. There is a 25% increase in its user base. The number of users has reached 1 billion from 800 million from September 2021.

Instagram offers diverse features that enhance user engagement and interest in the application. The application works in a way that fulfills multiple functions, which include;

Instagram Targeted 1 Billion Monthly

Various reasons contribute to the growth of Instagram’s User Base.

Instagram works continuously to provide users with the best surfing experience. For this purpose, it keeps introducing new features in stories, reels, and other ways. Also, the concern shows for the users by taking extra care of the well-being and mental health of the users by creating mental health awareness posts or content, and Instagram has made strict policies against cyber crime and bullying.

Also, it blocks harsh comments and sensitive content. Instagram gives an option to send direct messages or private messages so people can chit-chat with their friends. The feed algorithms mean that the users will get the content according to their likeliness, and suggestions will be according to their choice. Then, live videos are another important highlight of the application.

Monetization:  Instagram uses e-commerce and advertisements for the monetization of users, which gets a high number of users for the application. 

Competition: Instagram is not the only social media; there are various applications like Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, Instaflow, Honista and much more. All these applications are in competition with each other and with Instagram as well. The growth of Instagram from 800 M to 1 B, in comparison with these applications, has seriously stagnant the growth of these applications. The most impacted application from Instagram is Facebook. Though Facebook and Instagram come from the same owner, people still have less inclination toward Facebook, maybe because of privacy concerns. Let’s compare the statistics of the growth of the user base of these Applications.

Facebook 3.14%
 Snap chat  2.13%

These statistics provide the results of the increase in the percentage of users of this application and how much they’ve increased as compared to previous years.


Features of Instagram

Influence and branding: The rise in the number of influencers is due to the increased usage of Instagram. As more and more people join Instagram, it becomes easy to promote a product, service, or whatever you want. You can address mass audiences through a single platform. Use Instagram for E-commerce, Marketing, and Brand promotion.

Social Connection: A Space where you can connect with people around the world, whether your family or friends. Not only common people. Instagram gives you an option to connect with your favorite celebrities or stars. Get Updates about them through stories, posts, and reels, and now Instagram has Launched broadcast channels, where they share about their day just like DM’s.

News And Information: There are different news channel pages, Magazine pages, Organizations, and Journalists, which share what’s happening or what’s Trending or current affairs, so users can get quickly updated about what is happening in the world around them just in seconds.

Entertainment: Stories, Reels, and IGTV are the source of entertainment which has interesting and creative content that makes the user pass their free time in a good way.

Search Engine: Instagram is a place where you find anything virtually. It is a virtual search engine that explores new trends, products, fashion, and ideas.

Global Reach: The Application is not confined to just one area. It covers the audience from the whole world; Instagram is a platform where you can socialize and connect with people around the world.

Instagram officials

Instagram has MAUs, DAUs, and monthly or daily active users. There are 1 billion monthly and 500 million daily users. Talking about different countries or demographics, The country that has the highest user base of the application is India, with 180 million users; the United States, with 170 Million users; Brazil, with 110 million users; and the list goes on.

Final Words

Instagram is not just an application. It is a digital world for people where they can not only get entertainment but also earn through it by promoting their businesses, making creative content, and much more. The absolutely amazing and mind-blowing features of the application have paved the way for its success and increase in the user base. The algorithms and user-friendly interface also contribute to the surge.

Instagram app

Instagram has a strict privacy policy which keeps your data protected and secure. The Customer Care policy on Instagram is also very important and attracts users, as it protects against bullying and any harsh or rude comments. Warns users about sensitive content. All these factors have a great contribution to the success of Instagram. This increase in the number of users has also increased the pressure on the application to keep enhancing and updating the features and application for customer satisfaction and growth in return.

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