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June 3, 2024

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June 3, 2024


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How to download Lumber Inc Mod APK?

  • Press the above download button to get the latest v1.9.7 version of the Idle Lumber Empire.
  • You can also download the previous versions of the app. Select the version of the choice and tap it to download.
  • After pushing the button, the pop-up will appear to confirm the download of the Lumber Inc.
  • Your file has started downloading; you can access the APK file in the download folder.

How to install Lumber Inc Mod APK?

  • Allow Unknown Sources from the settings, following the process to do it easily.
  • Settings << Unknown Source << Allow/Trust  
  • Access the APK file from the file manager or download folder.
  • Click the APK file and press “Install.
  • After that, the Asia Followers APK will be installed on your device. You can open the app by tapping its icon on the home screen.

Idle Lumber Empire Mod APK?

Let’s disclose a marvelous simulation game around us. We are talking about Lumber Inc Mod APK. This game belongs to the business genre of the wood industry. It has an immersive play of action, which keeps the interest of the player in the game. You have to carry out various business processes which include offices, machines, vehicles, Staff and workers. Players can earn rewards and bonuses, which can be used to upgrade the power of workers, machinery, vehicles, etc. In the Lumber Inc Mod APK, the game involves players’ business strategies and how they make them implement to stay on top of the competition.

  • Unlimited Wood
  • Unlimited Money/Gems/Coins
  • Unlimited Worker and Tools
  • Vast collection of vehicles
  • Unlimited Rewards
  • Unlimited Offline Working time
  • 3D Graphics
Lumber Inc APK gameplay

Gameplay of Lumber Inc Mod APK

The game is about expanding your wooden business all over the world. This game includes a forest and a wood industry where the wood from the trees is utilized and converted into wooden blocks, which are then sold to the people who need them. Through this, the player gets unlimited rewards and money. You can buy different accessories and tools for cutting the trees and hire the workers that work for you. The workers plant the trees when the trees become at their maximum size, then they cut them with an axe and send them to the industry through a forklift truck.

The caterpillar truck picks the trees and gives them to the second type of worker, who peels them with a hand saw and gives them a proper block shape. When all the process is done to the wood, then it is ready for sale. In this process, we can update the equipment and vehicle so they can speed up and do their work urgently. You can make different strategies and work techniques to expand your business.



FeaturesLumber Inc ApkLumber Inc MOD APK
Machines/Tools LockedUnlocked
MoneyLimited Unlimited
Free PurchasesNoYes
VehicleLimited & LockedVehicle
Regular UpdatesYesYes

Features of Lumber Inc MOD APK

Build Lumber Estate

The business you will build in the game will be known as Lumber Business. You can build this business estate by completing the production process. The production process includes enough products, completing the client’s order, proper buildings & delivering the right order at the right quality, price, and time.

Buy your land and grow your forest.

In this game, players can expand their estate and business in all areas. The forest is one of the main sectors where plants and trees are produced. This game gives a chance to buy land and hire workers who can work in that area. Cultivate trees and plants, and then further, we can make products from them.

Unlimited Money

Lumber Inc Mod APK opens a wide array of opportunities to earn money. Increase the land and hire more laborers who can work to grow forests more efficiently. This will eventually increase production, which will lead to increased revenues and profit.

Buy Different Machines and Operating Devices

There is a diverse range of machinery provided in the game. Not all machinery is unlocked. Players have to unlock these machines to move further in the game. They will contribute to efficient production and fast completion of orders, which will, in turn, generate revenue.


Different Vehicles

Vehicles play a necessary role in the game to transfer the wood from one place to another, eg, caterpillar, forklift truck, and the product delivery is only based on it. Unlock the best and fastest speed vehicle that can deliver your product safely and quickly.

Buy New Factory

Lumber Inc Mod APK is about expanding your business in all aspects. You can buy new places and build factories. The unlimited money can be used to build buildings with proper equipment and facilities. More wooden and lumber factories to produce more lumber products and become the top business in the game.

Lumber Inc APK unlimited money

Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited Money
  • All vehicle Unlocked
  • Unlimited Tools and Machines
  • Unlimited Rewards and Bonus
  • Unlimited Offline time
  • Premium features Unlocked
  • 3D Graphics
  • No Ads


  • The modded version is only available for Android.
  • Not available for Android 5.0 and less.
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How to play Lumber Inc Mod APK?

  • After installing the game, launch it through the game icon from the home screen.
  • You can hire and train more workers by clicking on the worker icon during gameplay.
  • Press the vehicle button to upgrade and purchase more vehicles for the transport of the wood. The game provides you the option to increase the speed and capacity of the vehicle. You have the choice of buying unlimited forklifts, as the money increases when spent in the game.
  • Workers will cut down the trees, and trucks and forklifts will transport the wood to other workers in the factory. You have to build debarkers and canting machines that will process the wood into cants.
  • After canting, build a resawing machine and increase the machine speed to increase the working speed of workers.
  • View the status of your order by clicking on the Order Status button. You can check if your order has been processed, is in queue, or has already been delivered.
  • The wooden boards are transported to the workshop for customer delivery and construction of other factories or workshops.
  • You can upgrade your factory through the Factory button.

Note: You have to command drivers of trucks and forklifts after every delivery as the driver goes into sleeping mode after one ride, and your work will be stopped. You have to option to automate them for work.



The game provides players with the ultimate joy and fun. Fulfill your dream of becoming a CEO of your wooden industry. Set up your business and make strategies. Hire employees and get work from them. Get unlimited money, which you can use to unlock necessary things that are required for the gameplay, which include a workforce to create forest land, machinery, and kit. All these factors will contribute to enhanced production of the lumbar products. Expand your business so high that no one can compete with you. I found it to be the most relaxing strategy game I've ever played. Download the Lumber Inc Mod APK and enjoy the amazing simulation game with unlocked premium features.


Yes, the game is free to play. You get unlimited money in the game in the form of a reward, through which you can unlock the required resources for free.

Yes, download the mod version of the application. You will get access to unlimited money, as the mod version gives you access to premium resources and features to upgrade your gaming level.

Yes, It offers an offline mode on which we can play games without the internet. The gaming progress can be saved when you suffer from internet loss, so there is no need to worry about that.

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