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February 11, 2024

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SMS Blast App

Communication has become essential these days; people have moved towards digital communication over the past decades, and it has proven successful. Communicating digitally has made everything easy. People convey their messages, information, and updates in seconds, whether they are sitting next to each other or sitting miles apart. There are different mediums of communication through which we can connect with people, their families, and friends. SMS, social media, emails, direct messages, telephone calls, and calls are these mediums of communication.

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Messages
  • Real-time analysis and Report
  • Template Customizations
  • Delay and Schedule SMS
  • Ads
SMS Blast Apk UI

Why SMS Blast APK?

In today’s world, one can use any of these to communicate, and SMS is a popular and widely used medium for communication, whether formal or informal communication. There are sometimes situations where you have to send messages in bulk to more than 100-1000 people, basically in organizations, schools, colleges, educational institutes, and other formal workplaces. Also, you can send tons of prank messages to all your friends. 

So, it is not possible to use the default messaging software of the phone to send these bulk messages. Otherwise, it will be very time-consuming and energy-consuming. For this purpose, the SMS blast App is designed for the ease of the users so they can communicate easily and send 100-1000 text messages at a time. It works as an SMS machine and gives the option to send bulk messages to your contact list, and multiple recipients will receive your messages. 

Get SMS Blast APK v1.46

This application has a good feature in that it gets connected with your GSM ( Global System for Mobile Communications) Service and works with it. The application works smoothly with the GSM service. It requires a subscription to the package, specifically the SMS package, so there will be no balance or amount needed to use the application, and the case is vice versa when your package is not activated. It will require the amount to send messages. The SMS Blast works with the default SMS software on your mobile device, and you can check all the messages sent or received. The application displays everything in the software, which means the SMS Blast APK works mutually with the default SMS software of your device and the desired contact number and repeats the list of contacts for next or future use.


There is an option to send scheduled and delayed messages as well. The application has a new, updated version, which offers limitless features as compared to the primary application. In the simple application, there is a limit to sending messages, but if you use the & updated version of the application, which is SMS Blast Apk. The application is not available on the Play Store. You can get it from the link provided above.

SMS Blast Apk Apkmodii


FeaturesSMS Blast APKSMS Blast APK
Messages in 1 click100-1000Unlimited
Unlimited MoneyNoYes
Template CustomizationNoYes
Need SubscriptionNoNo
One TapYesYes
Use as a Default appYesYes
Regular UpdatesYesYes


Unlimited Messages

Send Unlimited Messages to your contacts: not only unlimited but also bulk messages have now become easy to send without any limit at a time, a maximum of 100-1000 messages; it is mostly essential for formal purposes, for sending invites, and for educational purposes. This application will save you time and energy.

Connects with default SMS software

SMS blast APK connects and works mutually with the default SMS software in your mobile device. All the lists of sent, Received, Important (pinned), Scheduled, or delayed messages are displayed in the default SMS software, and you don’t have to open the application to view the details on the home page.

Works with Variety of GSM Service

SMS Blast APK does not require any specific GSM service; Rather, it works with any of the services that your phone already has, so there is no need to go the extra mile for this application.

Single Tap

SMS Blast APK gives you the option to send all the text messages with one tap or a single click.

Scheduled Or Delayed Messages

This application can become your assistant as well. You can schedule your important messages and set reminders for these messages to be sent. You will set a reminder for delayed messages or important messages so you won’t miss out on anything important.

Unlimited Money

SMS Blast Apk will give you unlimited money (money you earn through using the application), so there is no need to recharge or subscribe to any package to send text messages in this and updated version.

AD Experience

In the simple version of the application, users can encounter many ads, but if you use the and updated version, which is SMS Blast APK, then there will be no ads, and users will have a smooth, AD- experience.


Yes, This application works in collaboration with your Default SMS software, where it displays everything on the default SMS page of the device. This makes the use of applications and sending messages easy for users. Also, they can keep a record of the messages.

Yes, SMS Blast APK is to use and sends unlimited and bulk messages without spending a single penny. Also, it offers gets.

An Individual can send more than 1000 messages within a single tap at a time, so the limit of the application is up to 1000 messages a day, and there is no limit in the latest version and new version


If you are looking for an easy and convenient way to send unlimited and mass amounts of messages at a time without wasting your time and your energy by clicking individually on every contact number and sending them the message, select the list and send the SMS with a single click through SMS Blast APK without spending any money, the application can be used for without any AD’s, it does not require any specific GSM service. Use your GSM service and send 100-1000 SMS.

This application does not have a separate software. Rather, it works with the default SMS software of the device, making surfing the application smooth and easy for the users. It also works as your assistant, providing you with an option to set reminders for delayed or scheduled messages. So what is waiting for you? Get this amazing bundle, which will make your communication easy by building a network of contacts and pave the way to move forward without worrying about long lists, time, and energy. Believe us, you will become an SMS Blast lover.

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