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Aqua Ludo APK

Aqua Ludo APK

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February 11, 2024

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Aqua Ludo APK

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February 11, 2024


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Aqua Ludo Apk

Aqua Ludo is a multiplayer game of ludo that you may play with friends. Additionally, it offers the chance to make money. Although you don’t have to sit physically near to each other to play this game, it is identical to a genuine game. You may invite your pals to play remote ludo on this device. You can also play it with strangers if your friends are not available. 

What is Aqua Ludo APK?

Aqua Ludo apk is a remote multiplayer classic board game where you can enjoy the Ludo game by sitting at your home. It does not require a physical position. Just open the app, invite the friends, and start to defeat. You can also play the game one by one. Get the latest version, install it on your device, open the game, invite your friends, and let’s celebrate the company with fun.

Why is Aqua Ludo Popular?

There are many reasons for being famous for the aqua ludo apk. It is an game similar to the original one that you can play remotely with friends. Another main reason for its popularity is that it provides an opportunity to earn money by playing this game. If you are a Pro player, this game is perfect for you. Get entertainment and earn money by just playing and winning this game.

What is the Aqua Ludo Referral Code?

As we mentioned above, aqua ludo is a new ludo-earning app. By sharing and recruiting your friends using your referral code, you may make money. You receive a ₹100 bonus when you initially sign up for the game.

Similarly, whenever you share your referral link with someone, and they accept your invitation and install the game, you will get the ₹10 as a referral commission. You can easily withdraw your money from your local bank. This is the process of how this game helps to earn money for people of all ages.

Aqua Ludo Apk 1

Features of Aqua Ludo APK

Let’s explore the hidden features of aqua ludo earning apps.

User Interface & Graphics

The first impression is the final impression, and the main element that draws people in is visual appeal. A good product with low graphics never runs longer. The Aqua Ludo game has superb graphics with an easy-to-use user interface. Even a child of 8 years old runs and plays this game. There are different formats available on the home screen, like 1 vs 1, single player, team up, or 4 vs 4, etc. 

Various Gamees

The one who is fond of playing ludo can enjoy multiple ludo modes on aqua ludo . You may start a Ludo fight with your friends. You can engage in single-player mode if no one is present. In this mode, other players will automatically join from world wise. Besides this, you can also play computer vs human mode when no one is available for play. The best part is that 4 members can play at once. You can also enjoy the team-up mode, which is the most joyful of all. 

Make New Friends

Making new friends is a hobby for some people. They always enjoy interacting with new souls. Aqua ludo provides an opportunity to interact with others and add them to your buddy list. Just play it regularly and expand your ludo friends circle.

Money Making App

Aqua ludo is a money-making game. You can earn some money daily by winning the game or with the help of a referral code or link. Try to share the link with maximum people and get immediate rewards. Another way to get the reward is simply signing up. Just sign up with your Google account or provide them a username, email, and password and get the one-time bonus of ₹100.

Moreover, the withdrawal is also pretty easy. Click on the withdrawal option from the wallet option. Fill in the necessary credentials like bank number or UPi number, select the amount that you want to withdraw, and click on withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal amount limit is ₹100. Less than ₹100 can not be withdrawn.

Strong Privacy

The developers of Aqua Ludo put special attention and effort into its privacy. As it required bank details for the withdrawal, that’s why the developers made its privacy system so strong that no one could breach it. So, never hesitate to join this game and earn money without any fear of data loss.

Frequently Updates

Besides a strong privacy system, the developers are also working on its regular updation. They always try to present the best version ever. That’s why they work 24/7 and regularly add new features. They also give you bonuses and coins whenever you update the old version.

Aqua Ludo Apk

Pros and Cons


  • Play to Win Rewards
  • Multiplying with Friends
  • Make new Friends
  • Various Rolls to play
  • No need for a password.
  • No need to Root
  • Unlimited various Rewards


  • 4 players play at a time


In this challenging time, when the poverty rate is increasing rapidly, play the Aqua Ludo game and earn money through it. Get the most recent version from this page to keep earning with your friends.You may make more money by playing more frequently and inviting friends. This game is available for PC, iOS, and Android devices.  If you are struggling to get or play this game, ask in the comment section. We will entertain your query ASAP.


Yes! Aqua ludo is completely safe to enjoy. Try to play its latest new version.

Yes! You can easily update the previous version to the latest one from the Play Store.

The minimal withdrawal limit is 100 ₹. 

You can use your direct bank account number or UPI number to take your earned money from the game.

You can contact their support in case of any insecurities.

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