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February 11, 2024

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BGMI apk

If you are looking for an action-packed game where you can move ly on the battle land, get the weapon or vehicles and shoot the enemies, BGMI APK is here for you. The BGMI game is similar and the best alternative to the Fire and PUBG games. You will enjoy action, survival, and racing experience while playing this game. 

What is BGMI APK

BGMI APK is an action survival open-field multiplayer game. It is a last-man-standing game where you have to face and encounter 49 other players from all over the world. It has more than millions of gets every month, and its popularity is still increasing. It’s popular like a hot cake among teenagers and children due to thrilling action and adventure.

What is BGMI APK Get

The BGMI apk is the version of the original BGMI which consists of some extra build-in files to provide some more features. These extra features include no recoil, auto-aiming, unlimited money and gold , paid skins for and sometimes auto-shooting. It is a packet of premium features for .

Features of BGMI APK

BGMI APK get latest version is a fully featured action-based game that fulfills all gaming desires, seamless gameplay, endless excitement, and thrilling battle. Let’s focus on features and take a closer look at every aspect of the game to make the gaming experience exceptional.

Unlimited UC

Unlimited UC is the currency of the BGMI APK get new version that can be used to purchase different items in the games. You can use these UCs to purchase new outfits, weapons, vehicles, skin of weapons and vehicles, skins of parachutes, shoes, glasses, etc. These UCs were also used to upgrade the weapon and make them more deadly. 

Unlimited Ammo

Ammo is the bullets used for different weapons in the game. This game consists of unlimited ammo, you have to pick the ammo as per your weapons type from different houses spread on the building’s floor. You must have a bunch of ammo so that when any enemy appears before you, your weapon will not let you down in such a deadly situation. 

Unlimited Money

There is a slight difference between UC and money. UC is the currency of the game, and Money is the currency inside the gameplay. Lots of money is spread on different houses, zoos, and playgrounds. Just collect this money and go to the purchasing shop located on the map. Use this money to purchase guns, pistols, ammo, energy drinks, bandages, and magazines. 

Realistic Graphics

Graphics is a special factor in any game to increase its popularity. BGMI APK comes with high-end realistic graphics that give anyone a real-life experience on the battlefield. Furthermore, play this game on a high-end device to enjoy the HDR graphics but if you have a low-end device, you can play this game on HD graphics. In short, the BGMI combo apk get makes your dull life colorful with a super engaging action gaming experience. 

Deadly Weapons

BGMI APK is not a game of kick or punch. It is beyond this. You have to survive yourself to kill the maximum enemies to reach the last man standing position. For this, you have to encounter as many opponents as you face. It consists of a bunch of deadly weapons like pistols, AKM, Sniper, assault rifles, SMGs, crossbows, machetes, pans, and many more. 

Lots of Skins

Skin is a versatile design for any weapon, vehicle, or other item. BGMI APK games come with different skins of weapons, parachutes, vehicles, boats, etc. Whenever you landed on the battlefield, these skins give you the feel of a pro player. 


Maps are the real companion in the entire game as wherever you go, it will provide your real-time location and help to find out your desired place where you want to join. It shows you the purchasing shop if you want to purchase ammo, or any weapon, gives directions to bypass the danger areas, and many more. It also helps to reach the middle area of the battle arena in the last time when the entire circle becomes too small. There are plenty of maps available in BGMI apk latest version including Erangel, Livik, Miramar, Vikendi, Karakin, Payload, etc. The Erangle and Livik maps are the most played map in India. 


The beauty of BGMI APK is that it provides every possible way to customize the game as per player needs. They can easily change the weapon button from left to right and right to left. As per player expertise, it is easy to change the running scope button as per their expert place.  Moreover, It also provides the facility to ON or OFF the background music, and noise, or you can run your favorite song in the background during gameplay. As far as the character or weapon customization is concerned, It ensures that you can change the outfit, weapon on the hand, caps, glasses, hairstyles, eye color, pants, shirt, shoes, and even face shapes. 

No Root

BGMI APK is a risk- game so you don’t need to root your mobile phone to take any kind of risk. 

Regular Updates

BGMI APK frequently releases their updated version and each update brings lots of new outfits, vehicles, maps, weapons, and even some monsters. These updates increase the excitement to play it more and more.

Device And Internet Connection

It is the best choice if you have a high-end device to play this game. But low-end devices also support it at the HD setting from the graphics menu. You must have a stable internet connection to enjoy the lag- and uninterrupted gameplay.

What’s new in v2.9.0?

  • Increase in weapon collection.
  • More levels are added.
  • More battles avaible.
BGMI apk

Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited UC Currency
  • Unlimited bullets
  • Unlimited Weapon
  • Best Graphics
  • Customize your Character
  • Unlimited Skills


  • Limited Lives


BGMI APK is the same game that a teenager or child dreams of. It was specially developed as per children’s desires. Just get it from the provided link and dive into the world of action and thrill. Comment to us if you need any type of assistance.


Yes! All the weapons are completely and you don’t need to pay any money to purchase them. 

It required a smooth internet connection and 1 GB of space on your Android phone.

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