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June 8, 2024

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Horizon Driving Simulator Mod APK

Racing has always been the favorite of all gaming users because of the action and adventurous driving with the roaring engines in an unrestricted virtual world. Every racing game is different and unique from other games, and depending on this individualism, it becomes trendy among the racers. Here is a new buzzing and popular game, “Horizon Driving Simulator Mod APK,” with premium Mod features and credible gameplay. So, we will discuss every edge of the game and walk through the expansive, realistic world that makes it the superior simulation game over the other games.

  • Unlimited Money
  • All Cars Unlocked
  • Unlimited Customization
  • Free upgrading and tunning
  • Off-Road Maps Available
  • Ads Free
Horizon Driving Simulator Mod APK gameplay

Horizon Driving Simulator Mod APK is a supercar racing game that embeds the whole real world in a single game and allows speedsters to explore it and get themselves entertained by the environment during the unstoppable accelerations. The combination of having driving challenges in an open and expansive paradise provides you with the form of Horizon Driving Simulation Mod APK. It’s s the modified version of the original game Horizon driving simulator with unlocked premium features like unlimited money, all cars unlocked, tracks Unlocked, and unlimited customization.

Horizon Driving Simulator Gameplay

The game has very Breathtaking gameplay, starting from the drifting tires and ending at the cliff of the mountains. Everything is for the racer to explore and experience. The more you will dive into the game, the more you will have fun and adventure. There are various zones available in the game, allowing drivers to get their car-driving experience. Distinct weather conditions in the game will make your race more problematic and nail-biting. Even if you are a racing or drifting lover, the game will provide you full control over your stunts and make you feel like an actual steering in your hand. Having this game will not predict if it’s a racing game, drifting game, simulation game, or adventure game; you will encounter all the fun in a single game.

Mode features have added more delight to the game. You will have all cars unlocked, from Mini Cooper to Mustang GT and Dodge Challenger. You will get some extra features in this modified version of the Horizon Driving Simulator that will potentially increase the recreation of the game. While having an ideal setup of vehicles, tracks, environments, and weather conditions in the game, the modified version has unlocked the other premium features by supplying unlimited money. Drivers can explore the exhilaration of driving challenges in the diverse world by unlocking other speedsters employing unlimited money. If you are a bike racing enthusiast, Real Moto 2 Mod APK is the highly recommended game for you.

Exploring the Open World of Racing

Horizon Driving Simulator is an open-world racing game that delivers all types of surroundings with multi-weather conditions. You will have many locations to Traverse without getting bored. You will get Cityscape, countryside, mountains, deserts, beaches, forests, landmarks, urban skylines, and industrial areas to navigate through using extra fast and luxury cars with every second changing environment. The natural world of the Horizon driving simulator mod APK provides your complete touch of real-life Experience.

Horizon Driving Simulator Mod APK offroad

You can feel different weather conditions while driving. Whenever you are in the mountains, you will feel some rainy and Stormy weather conditions; however, you will feel a Sunny and foggy climate during the urban side adventures. There will be some extra traffic on motorways and in the countryside. However, driving towards peaks and deserts, there will not be much traffic on routes. The game has designed roads and tracks according to the conditions. You should favor motorways and suburbs for drifting and racing. If you want to witness nature, then cruise toward cliffs and Dunes for extra fun and adventure. That is how the Horizon Driving Simulator Mod APK provides both action and adventure in the game. The natural soundtrack, while thrilling driving and adventurous exploration, seamlessly combine to provide a realistic feel to the game.


FeaturesHorizon Driving SimulatorHorizon Driving Simulator Mod
CarsLimitedAll Unlocked
Customizable CarsPaidFree
Regular UpdatesYesYes


All Cars Unlocked

Having a luxury and speedy car increases the gratification in the mysterious journey. There is a diverse range of vehicles available in the garage, from the old Toyota Crousers to the latest Lamborghini Aventador. Players have the opportunity to unlock any of them utilizing unlimited money.

Cars Customization: 

You will get endless customization features in the Horizon driving simulator Mod APK. Players can customize every part of the car to give it a new look. Personalize your car by embedding different customize parts, changing the paint color, and adding a VYNIL. Let’s discuss the customization feature of this game in detail.

1. Parts Customization: 

In the parts customization, you will have a front wheel, Rear wheel, wings, mufflers, diffuser, splitters, wide kit, headlights, tail lights, and license plate modifications. This will apparently endow a stunning look to your vehicle.

2. Paint Customization

Here you can change the paint color of every part of your car, including the body, hood, side view mirror, front wheels rims, rear wheels rims, and Windows. Multiple types of paints can glitter your car, including Matt, Satin, Solid, Metallic, chrome, Metallic chrome, aluminum, brushed aluminum, and carbon. Every paint color and type has its own grace. Having metallic body paint, black chrome side view mirrors, and tinted transparent windows gives a glorious and magnificent appearance to your car.

3. VYNIL Customization: 

Players can add different types of shapes, strips, flags, dots, brushes, damages, frames, lightning, equalizers, skulls, splashes, stars, tribals, and numbers to the car body. Select any layer and position it on any element of your car. Adorning your sports car with various colored shapes on its body imports a breathtaking appearance.

Horizon Driving Simulator mod apk

Unlimited Money: 

The most important mod feature of the game is unlimited money, which makes everything effortless in the game. You can utilize limitless money to buy a collection of modern, Autonomous, and Luxury Cars and also get customization for free. Buying a Lamborghini Urus and getting unlimited personalization from body color to diffuser become feasible from the first game you are playing.

Tunning And Upgradation

To inject realism, the developer has added a real-world challenge in the game in the form of tuning and upgradation. Users can tune and upgrade their car parts to get maximum performance as in real life for free using the premium mod feature. Players can upgrade the exhaust system, air filter, piston, intake manifold, turbo, nitro, tires, transmission aerodynamics, anti-roll bars, brakes, and chassis.

The driver has the opportunity to tune tire pressure, gearing system, nitro brake balance, track width, car height, swiftness, traction control, and antilock braking system (ABS). Getting tuning and upgradation on time leads to raising your top speed with unlimited acceleration and full command over the steering.

Horizon Driving Simulator UI

Ads Free Driving

With all other premium features, this game also offers an ads-free driving experience to get an interruption-free journey in the explorable world.

Open World Simulation

Horizon driving simulation is an open-world adventure game in which the pilot has full control to immerse yourself in the driving seat and enjoy expansive world landscapes and exciting views. Get an adventure ride, Accelerating from towering mountains to the charming countryside, painted with nature in Horizon Driving Simulator Mod APK.

3d Graphics and Soundtrack

Car Driving in an open-world simulation game with consistently changing weather conditions and locations feel amusing and lifelike if the game has 3D graphics. Without this feature, every simulation game is incomplete as the game does not visualize the cinematic moments of the game. You will get this spectacular feature of 3D graphics and aesthetics in Horizon Driving Simulation Mod APK, which is why this game is more immersive and engaging. On the other hand, you will also get realistic soundtracks to enhance the realism during adventurous rides.

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What’s new in v0.14.2?

  • Increase in car collection.
  • Unlimited money.
  • More Car Customizations.

How to Play the Horizon Driving Simulation?

Select and customize the car: 

Horizon Driving Simulator Mod APK has a collection of velocity and luxury cars that you can find in the garage. Select a car according to your preferred specifications, like top speed and acceleration. Select the Mustang GT with a top speed of 340 mph. After selecting the vehicle, go to the customization bar to personalize the color and shape of all parts of the vehicle, including the body and tire rims. You have the choice of adding various stickers to give your car a sports look.

Tune and Upgrade for new Ride:

In the upgrade bar, you have the choice to upgrade and tune your car before landing on the roadway. I will recommend upgrading tires, brakes, turbo, and exhaust systems before driving. Also, it will be better to tune your car to get extra speed and handling. You can also analyze whether tuning and Upgrading are affecting your car’s performance or not using a performance graph. 

Land on the Road: 

After selecting and personalizing your car, you are ready to land in an open world. So, click on the drive tab, and it will bring you into a realistic and engaging world. Here you can see different buttons, including acceleration, brake, steering, turbo, reset, and camera view, to control and play the game.

Download Page
Horizon Driving Simulator Mod APK black car

How to Download the Mod APK?

Step 1: Push the download button provided at the page's start to download the Mod APK file. 

Step 2: After pressing it, it will bring you to the Recaptcha page, where you have to select targeted images to prove yourself human. 

Step 3: After completing step 2, your Mod APK file will start downloading. Press the detail button to analyze the real-time downloading process.

How to Install the Game?

Step 1: After completing the download process, you can locate the Horizon driving simulator Mod APK file in the download folder.

Step 2: Be sure you have permitted the unknown sources. Otherwise, navigate to settings, scroll down to the "unlock sources" option, and allow it. 

Step 3: Reach the download folder, click the APK file, and press "install." The game will start installing on your smartphone. 

Step 4: After finalizing the installation, you can access the game icon on the home screen or in the Gaming Hub of the latest Android phones.


Horizon driving simulator Mod APK is an exciting racing and stunning adventure game with a vast and endless landscape. The game has many premium features like unlimited money, all cars unlocked, free customization, free tuning, and upgradation, which makes it more valuable than its original version. So, without wasting time collecting and winning money in the game to buy a new premium car, download the Horizon driving simulator Mod APK to get all cars unlocked. That's all; I have shared with you the sum of my complete experience of this venture game.


No, you don't need any external OBB file for some extra features. The developer embedded all features in this single Mod APK.

Yes, in the diverse world of the game, you can find versatile tracks that will affect your driving experience.

You may have used the original game before. So, you have to uninstall the original game before installing the Mod version.

Yes, the Mod version provides you unlimited money for visual shopping in the game. You can buy or customize any part of the car utilizing it.

The car may have some issues due to the last ride that should be fixed to get maximum performance as in real life.

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Author: Mason Philips

Meet Mason Philips, a passionate gamer with highly flourished writing skills. Mason always dives into the game to grab hidden tricks for complete access over the game. Why should Mason not share such crazy insights with our audience? He played v0.14.2 of Horizon Driving Simulator and shared his experience and gameplay. Mason also explored the newly introduced features in the latest version and mentioned them to our audience.

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