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Viking Rise APK

Good news for game lovers! The Viking Rise Apk is now available for Android and iOS. This new version gives you unlimited money, gems, and stuff. Want to know more about the game or how to get it on your Android? Stay with us to learn about it and how to easily add it to your device.

Get the Latest Version Now Of Viking Rise APK

Take advantage of the ultimate gaming experience! Get your hands on the latest version of Viking Rise Apk and dive into thrilling adventures. With enhanced features, unlimited resources, and smoother gameplay, this version promises to elevate your gaming sessions. Don’t settle for less when the best is just a click away. Get the latest version now and join the epic journey of Vikings!

Game Overview: Viking Rise APK

Viking Rise APK is a fun mobile game that takes you into the world of Vikings and old stories. Set in the times of long ago, you can play as a Viking, fighting battles and going on big adventures in Forests, Mountains, islands, and Coastlines. With the help of famous heroes from old tales, you can win fights and discover new stories. Viking Rise APK looks great and is easy to play, which is why so many people love it. Want to be a Viking leader? Try out Viking Rise and see if you can rule the Viking world!


FeaturesViking Rise APKViking Rise APK
Unlocked WeaponsNoYes
Multiplayer BattlesYesYes
Unlocked HerosNoYes
Regular UpdatesYesYes
fight for water

Amazing Features of Viking Rise APK

Face-Off with Vikings Worldwide

Ever wanted to test your skills against Viking leaders from around the world? Viking Rise lets you do just that! Dive into the game and participate in big global battles where you can show off your leadership and battle tactics. Don’t worry if you’re new; the game is designed for everyone to enjoy and get into the action quickly. Lead your Viking group to victory by planning your moves wisely, either by fighting, making peace, or other smart moves. 

Unlock Resources: Gems, Characters & Special Weapons and Armor

In “Viking Rise,” players get a richer experience with the Unlimited Gems feature, ensuring smooth progression without the grind. The game also offers a wide range of unique characters right from the start, allowing players to craft their ideal Viking team. Additionally, equipping characters with special weapons and armor from the get-go not only adds a strategic edge.

Customize & Grow Your Territories

Viking Rise gives players the power to shape and grow their Viking territories. Whether you’re personalizing your land or expanding it, the game ensures you have all the tools you need. Create a Viking village from scratch, decide where buildings go, upgrade roads, and prepare strong troops. With so many customization choices, every player can design their perfect Viking tribe, conquer new areas, bring in skilled members, and build a powerful Viking kingdom. 

Master the Seas with Naval Battles

Get ready to sail the seas in Viking Rise! In this game, you’ll get to command your very own Viking ship and take part in epic sea battles. As you move forward in the game, you’ll get to choose from different boats, each perfect for its kind of battle. Do you like fast ships or strong ones with lots of armor? Whatever you pick, you’ll get to challenge other players, conquer new waters, and learn top strategies for sea fights. It’s not just about fighting but also planning your moves and catching enemies by surprise. 

Live Battles & Team Alliances

Viking Rise APK takes you to the heart of Midgard, where every battle is a chance to shine. Here, players dive into real-time wars, making key decisions both on land and at sea. But it’s not just about solo glory; forming strong teams and working together is the heart of the game. Join forces with others, plan your moves, and tap into the combined strength of your alliance to take down tough opponents. 

Meet Legendary Viking Heroes & Beasts

Legendary Viking heroes and mythical creatures await here. Get ready to meet iconic figures like Ragnar, Bjorn, and Ivar the Boneless, each wielding unique abilities to bolster your battles. But it’s not just about the heroes; mythical beasts roam the lands, too. As you venture further, you’ll have the chance to craft powerful gear, uncover hidden treasures, and even tame the formidable dragon to aid you in combat. 

Mikolaj Stroinski’s Epic Soundtrack

The music in the Viking Rise APK game is something special. Created by Mikolaj Stroinski, the soundtrack takes you on a wild, adventure-filled ride. The mix of big orchestra sounds and old Viking instruments makes the game feel real and alive. When you hear the strong beats and melodies, you’ll feel right in the middle of a Viking tale. 

Stunning Game Visuals

Step into a world where Vikings are heroes of the North. In the Viking Rise game, you get to be part of their exciting journey. Battle against other groups, travel through tough places, and get help from powerful gods. The game looks so real and amazing that you’ll feel right there with the Vikings. 

What’s new in v1.4.140?

  • Increase in battles.
  • More levels of naval battle are added.
  • More Customizations of weapons.

Mastering Viking Rise APK: Top Tips for Beginners

Expand Smartly: As you grow, think about where you’re expanding. Every spot has its perks, whether it’s rich resources, closeness to allies, or a prime defensive location. Growing a strong empire means finding the balance between economy and defense.

Craft a Diverse Army: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Mix up your army with infantry, cavalry, and archers. Every soldier type has its strengths and weak spots. By having a varied force, you’ll be ready for any battle.

All About Alliances: Alone, you might be powerful, but with an alliance, you’re unstoppable. Being part of a team means more protection, shared resources, and joint attacks. Stay active, share tips, and make the most of alliance events.

Use Your Heroes Wisely: In Viking Rise, heroes can change the tide of battle. Know what heroes can do and use their unique skills to outsmart foes. By mastering their abilities, you’ll always have the upper hand.

Viking Rise APK Gameplay


Generally, to avoid conflicts, it’s recommended to uninstall the original game before installing its APK version.

The game’s core features in the APK can often be played offline, but some functionalities, like global multiplayer battles, may require an internet connection.

While APKs offer many benefits, it’s essential to get them from reputable sources to ensure they are from malware or other security threats.


Viking Rise APK offers gamers an enriched experience by enhancing gameplay, providing additional features, and unlocking content. Whether you’re keen on delving deep into the Viking sagas, meeting legendary heroes, or battling mythical beasts, this game version promises to deliver. 

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