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Vivo Y16 GCam Port

Vivo Y16 GCam Port

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February 11, 2024

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Vivo Y16 GCam Port

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February 11, 2024


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Google Camera or Gcam

A fantastic camera launched by Google to cater to the photography needs of the people and to capture every moment through incredible images and videos, you get all the amazingness and crispness in the pictures and videos through the phenomenal features of the camera. Google was introduced for pixel series, but the hype made the developers develop APK. The XML file of the GCam works in Android 10 & Android Pie and has camera 2API Enabled in the settings.

Vivo Y16 GCam Port

Vivo Y16 is a smartphone that comes with incredible features and compatibility with GCam. The Smartphone has a good stock camera, but you can use the Vivo Y16 Gcam port to enhance the quality of images and videos and get the best out of them.

The latest version of GCam that works in Vivo Y16 is GCam 9.1. This version comes with amazing features that work together to bring the best photos and videos for you.

Features of Vivo Y16 GCam Port


Night mode is now the most used feature, especially in G Cam’s, which helps to capture better and clearer pictures in low light.

Photos and Videos

Vivo Y16 GCam Port has a dual Capture mode that captures both photos and videos. Capture what’s in your front and what’s behind the camera through dual capture mode, which offers both front and back cameras with fast and easy switching.


The depth sensing and fielding effect provides a razor-thin focus, and that is only possible through portrait mode.

HDR + Enhanced

This feature elevates the quality of resolution and pixels of the photo and video. It removes any kind of noise in the captured content and adds a professional look. High Dynamic Resolution imaging is a capturing technique that works to provide crystal clear images and videos by using multiple exposures, brightness, and contrast.

Editing Equipment

A variety of editing tools are important for producing high-quality Pictures and videos. Edit while capturing or after editing through various techniques offered by the Google camera that include sequence of shooting, standard cut and jump cut, also adjust features like brightness, shadow, contrast and much more

 Back And Front Camera

The Google camera in Vivo Y16 offers a perfect Back and front Camera, and just like the dual capture, it is easy and efficient to switch between the two cameras.

AI technology and Automatic detection

The artificial software & technology further upgrade the Vivo Y16 GCam Port. It gives aern touch to your photos and videos. Moreover, you can use AI Avatars. AI software, along with Beta GCam Software, detects the features and aspects missing in the Video and Photo and automatically adds them. The revolution that came through AI technology in the world of photography brought many amazing features, including automatic detection and enhancements.


Get 360 degree of your image covered and opt for a panorama that captures horizontally and cover a wide angle of all the points of the image.

Video Speed and Transitions

Social media has taken over every aspect of our lives, including presenting our memories and Reels, which display our daily lives or form of videos and make reel video transitions and speed play an important role. Google Camera covers various video speeds and transitions that make your video look more trendy.

Best / Top Shot

In this feature of vivo Y16 GCam Port, the user can capture continuously despite any situation and fear of getting blurry images. Capture Multiple shots through Google Camera, and it will provide you with the best shot among the captured shots.

Vivo Y16 GCam Port

Other Versions of GCam(Google Camera)

Check out the list we provided below, encompassing versions from v7.4 to v9.2.14. You can choose any version of the Vivo Y16 GCam Port that aligns with your preferences for geting.

GCam Port v9.2.14 [Latest Version]

Requirement: Android 11+

Size: 255 MB


  • Night Sight
  • Portrait (1.5x-8x Zoom)
  • Camera (1.0x-10x Zoom)
  • Video (Slow Motion, Normal, Time Lapse)
  • Modes (Panorama, Photo Sphere)
  • Auto Light Adjustment

Launched on: February 11, 2024.


Yes, There is an option to turn on the timer in the camera.

Yes, This camera is absolutely to use. There are no subscription and geting charges.


Google camera is surely a blessing for the photography-obsessed, as it comes with amazing features that make your photos and videos look like they were taken straight from a professional camera. So get the camera ASAP, create a beautiful bundle of memories, and keep them to revive forever.

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